Where were we ?- ah yes

So, to recap.  Phillipa the super nurse has seen off several of her patients more or less because they were old, smelly, inconvenient and in her own words “Disgusting”.  She loves the clinic and doesn’t want it tainted by sick people. The fact that she only has the beautiful place is the result of nefarious dealing (well not to put too fine a point on it murder ) of old Mrs Bowling. 

Tall dark stranger, bit smelly and bedraggled turns up in the back garden and it would seem that he is Robert, long-lost estranged and hitherto unknown son of the old woman. Of course there is more to it than that and he is actually Giles who used to be best mates with Robert who is now sadly deceased due to picking up something nasty while doing good works in Africa.  

Giles discovers Phillipa mid-murder as it were and the faeces collided with the old air conditioning. 
What to do, what to do – well I guess there is one obvious answer to-wit a belt on the bone box with a bottle of single malt.  So that’s where we left it – shall we continue?


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