Marking Time – chapter 1 – Hoody cuddle

Here we go then.  I wonder where this one will go.  Already I am unsure about the title but let’s see.

Chapter 1

Peter dragged up his hood, the fabric felt greasy and the ends of the tie strings were frayed. This old top was on its last legs there was no doubt.  Some things though, some clothes are just part of your life.  This one had been a present from his gran the year that she had died.  He had worn it for trips to town first of all when it was smart and deep blue.  Then it had become a scruffy top faded and a bit baggy and he had worn it for the park and for kicking the ball about at the rec. Later when the colour was indistinct and the sleeve ends were baggy he put it on just when he was in the house lolling on his bed or slouched on the grungy old couch.  

Whenever he needed a hug though, or just to feel that things weren’t as bad as they seemed or if he wasn’t feeling all that well and there was nobody to talk to this sweatshirt was a comfort.  

He often needed a hug these days.  It all seemed so hard.  When he was a kid he had thought that being grown up would be so easy.  Adults can make their own decisions they have money and can go where they want and see who they want.  It hadn’t turned out like that though.  Yes he had made his own decisions.  Trouble was that the decisions that he had made had so often been terrible ones.  Yes he could go where he wanted for a while, but now he had to be careful all the time, watch the streets, beware of the corners and mind his back.  As for money well money had been the cause of it all.  The thought of easy money had drawn him in, tempted him and now made him captive.


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