Marking Time – Chapter 11 – Bacon and disappointment

On first wakening Peter didn’t understand the happy feeling.  Usually these days he would open his eyes, stretch a bit and the clouds would gather.  The worry about Jake and the bad scene he had found himself in.  The misery of his home life and the horrible dreary feeling that there was no way out.  This morning though, he felt relaxed and calm.  Of course it was meeting Dervla last night.  She was so lovely, pretty yes, quite hot, actually very hot but it was more than that.  She had a lovely – oh what was the word – aura – yes that was it.  He smiled to himself.  He couldn’t wait to see her again.  He wondered if she would come down and have breakfast with himself and Phil.  

Showered, dressed and bounding down the stairs, life felt good and what a buzz that was.  A moment of disappointment when he walked into the kitchen to find only Phil cooking bacon and pouring a cup of coffee. 


“Morning Peter. You look bright this morning.” 


“Coffee, bacon?” 

“Mmmm yes please, could I have a bacon sandwich d’ya reckon.” 

“Of course.  Ketchup.” 

“God yes can’t have it without.”  His bright chatter elicited a small smile from Phil as he brought the food and drink to the table.  

“What were you up to last night Peter?” 

“Up to, nothing.  What do you mean?” 

“Let’s not do that Peter.  You know what I mean.” 

“Oh well.  Okay, well as Dervla said last night.  I couldn’t sleep, I was worried, all the stuff that has happened was buzzing about in my mind and I remembered that the other night somebody else had closed a door when I went upstairs.  I decided to find out who it was and so well, ummmm. 

“Where is she anyway, doesn’t she eat breakfast, does she eat at all.  Why hasn’t she been around?  Why haven’t I seen her?  She’s not ill is she?”  The thought had struck him like a wet flannel in the face.  For a moment he had a hollow feeling in his stomach.  He was surprised at his own reaction to the thought. 

“No she’s fine.  She won’t be joining us for breakfast.  Look for the next few days we’ve got a lot to get through.  We need to talk about what we do from here on.  We will probably need to make some appointments for interviews, college and such so let’s just concentrate on that shall we.” 

“Well yeah okay but surely we can have meals together or hang out.”  

“Peter leave it will you.  Just don’t get tied up with this.  Concentrate on yourself and the way forward that’s enough for now.” 

“Yeah but I just thought, now we’ve met we could get to know each other and stuff.” 

“Peter, Dervla will not be joining us and you are not to go wandering down to her room.  For now it would be just as well if you ignore her presence in the house.” 

“What, don’t be ridiculous, how do you mean ignore her presence. What gives, I only thought we could …” 

“Peter, no.  That is the end of the subject.”  Phil turned away.  

The early brightness had deserted the day.  His appetite had gone as the usual feeling of gloom invaded his soul.  He did the only thing a boy of his age could possibly do.  He thrust the chair back with a clatter, stomped out of the room and slammed back to his room where he banged the door so hard that a small framed print leaped from the wall landing with a tinkle on the carpet as the glass shattered.


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