Marking Time – chapter 12 – Could this be the start of something big

He ignored the tapping on his door, he was damned if he was going to speak to that loser Phil.  Who did he think he was anyway deciding who he could and couldn’t talk to, mix with.  The tapping again.  No he wouldn’t answer.  Ah but then again, what if it was Dervla.  It could be.  She could have heard the crash of the door and the tinkling of the broken photo frame. It could be her and then if he didn’t answer … What to do.  


“Open the door Peter.”   Damn, damn it was Phil.  

“Go away I don’t want to talk to you just now.” 

“Don’t do this Peter you know you can’t just sit in your room we have things to do.” 

“I’ve changed my mind.  This is all too much hassle, I think I’ll just go home, forget the whole thing.” 

“Oh, well if that’s what you want.  I’ll run you over there in about half an hour if you like.”  

“Ummm, well fine then.”  Shit now what was he going to do.  “Phil.” 


“I’m sorry, I’m behaving like a kid.” 


“Can we talk?” 

“Yes, just come down when you’re ready.” 

After a few minutes getting himself together he went back to the kitchen where Phil sat at the table drinking from a mug. He looked up as Peter walked in and slumped down in the chair opposite to him.   

“Hello.  Do you want your sandwich now? I think it’s still edible.” 

“Uh hu.  Thanks and erm well you know, sorry.” 

“It’s okay Peter. I do understand that you have had a lot to content with over the last few days and you are still very confused about it all.” 

“It’s just that she is so lovely and I thought we could be mates and hang out.  That was all.” 

“I do understand truly but just at this time it isn’t part of the plan that you spend time together.” 

“Who is she?”  Phil sighed and lowered his head into his hands.  Rubbing his face with his palms as he looked up again he organised his face into a patient expression.”  

“Okay, what you need to know, well actually you don’t need to know anything but what you want to know.  Dervla lives here, she attends University and just now she is having a half term break.  It is her home and has been for a long time.  Her mother is dead, died when she was a baby.  Her grandparents also are no longer living and I have taken care of her for quite some time.” 

“What about her dad  Are you her Dad?.” 

“No, Dervla’s father is away a great deal of the time and that is how come I have taken care of her.  She is very busy, very clever and maybe, just maybe in a little while from now you two can become friends but trust me this is not the time.” 

“But why? What difference does it make if we’re friends now or later?” 

Another huge sigh from Phil and he turned to look straight at the youth sitting in front of him.  

“Later you will understand why but for now believe me you have other things to think about.  You are supposed to be trying to organise your life, look to your future.  If you are not willing to commit one hundred percent to that then maybe it would actually be for the best if we called it a day and you went back to your mum’s house.  That isn’t any sort of idle threat.  You need to think about this right now and decide, work and study and commitment or messing about with mates and letting things slide.  I don’t need to remind you I’m sure where that led to before.” 

“Okay, okay.  You don’t need to nag.  Let’s just get on with it.” 

“Great.”  Phil stood and patted Peter on the shoulder as he passed to retrieve the aborted breakfast and throw a pile of prospectus from the local college onto the table.  

“Right.  At the risk of being corny this is the first day of the rest of your life, don’t let’s spoil it any more with incidentals.” 

Peter picked up the first document in the pile, this was all fine and dandy and easy for Phil to talk but Dervla was not an incidental.  He admitted it to himself, he had spent a very short time with her last night it was true but she was not an incidental, anything but.



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3 responses to “Marking Time – chapter 12 – Could this be the start of something big

  1. I love how you describe things. I’d like to see this piece do more describing of how the surroundings and people and facial expressions look, because it’s sometimes tricky for me to fill in the gaps with imagination. The dialogue could use a tidy-up, but what strikes me most about this is that I want to know more. I want to *know* what’s going to happen! You dangle a carrot that makes me curious, and that’s what makes it so refreshing to read. It’s a great talent to have.


    • thank you for taking the time to comment. I do understand your very valid point about description but with this being quite literally writing on the hoof with no editing and trying to keep the chapters to a very reasonable length it is a challenge. I will take your comments on board and try to incorporate more “seeing” I am very, very heartened that you are interested and wanting to know more because to be honest I did wonder if this was working at all and very nearly gave up on it at the weekend. Thank you so very much for commenting at exactly the right time.


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