Self seeded pansies

I guess these are wild flowers as they are self seeded.

It has been a beautiful spring up to now here in South West France.  The fruit trees have been laden with blossom, the daffodils and tulips were glorious and the birds and bees have been ecstatic.  My rockery has been a very hit and miss affair over the years with several rebuilds and occasional despair.  This year it is absolutely stunning.  It makes me smile whenever I go down the steps. 

I also have some self seeded pansies which is something that has never happened before and so in honour of the fact that today we have our new WiFi connection up and running – Yay – the end of the cyber tent.  Here are two pictures and I hope they bring you the little glow of happiness that they brought me.  

The rockery 2011

A smile every time I go down the stairs


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