Historic Warwick

On our trip to Warwick a couple of days ago I took this picture.  Isn’t it the most wonderful building.  It is called a Hospital but is not actually and has never been a medical establishment. It was built by the 12th Earl of Warwick and is named for him.  It was originally religious establishment and is closely allied with the church and as time went on and with the usual interference of Henry VIII etc. it was saved by Thomas Oken and the United Guilds of Warwick.  later it became a hospital for disabled soldiers and their wives.  More information can of course be found on the Warwick Town website but all in the all what I wanted to say was isn’t it a lovely building.

Warwick - Hospital

The Lord Leyster Hospital Warwick

Warwick was a bit disappointing in that it seems to be one of those towns that lost its way, probably in the sixties and allowed random building of rather nasty shops etc and then realised what was happening and stopped it.  There is a funny mixture of ancient, and I do mean ancient and yucky modern.  Shame really.  They do however have the most wonderful church that plays music every hour from the bell tower.  When we were there at twelve it played I Vow To Thee My Country.Bell Tower - Warwick

Best of all though from my point of view was the fantastic ancient graveyard.  Most of the stones are so old that you can no longer read the inscriptions but what atmosphere.  They were tumbling and decaying and crumbling.  One or two had even caved in – wonderful stuff.  There were dark shady trees and mystical corners and all in all in it was superb.

Graveyard Warwick

Warwick graveyard


Book in the window

An apology to Warwick and an updated post


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