Stella – Chapter 10 – Preparation and Purloining

She was not a violent person, she was fit and strong and angry but not violent.  She was subtle and her revenge was to take a much more lasting and cerebral form than the hair pulling finger nail event that might have occurred to less finessed brains.

Firstly she made a point of getting to know Phillipa, and as we know when Stella got to know someone she really, really got to know them.  If Steven was at all concerned about the two women becoming close he calmed whatever fears he had.  When all was said and done the poor young man had simply admired another and under normal circumstances there would have been no fallout but of course these were not normal circumstances.  His every admiring thought, each complimentary rumination was a slap in the plain face of his current girl.

That they were on a similar course in creative writing was not so much of a surprise as like tends to attract like and so they all met up in the natural order of things.  Phillipa didn’t really enjoy the hugs that she received from clumpy, dumpy Stella, she was after all making a play for Steven but to turn away would seem churlish.  It was common knowledge that it was a strange quirk of this unfortunate girl’s make up and so she suffered the physical contact with a good grace.  She was of course totally unaware that the contact was much more than skin deep.

Most of the students at this time were heavily into their end of term dissertations.  Work, dreadful hard work.  It consumed so very much of their time and their brain power.  Phillipa, a gifted and clever girl was widely expected to achieve a starred first in the fullness of time.  Her paper’s were awaited with great anticipation.  As everyone knows success lies in careful planning and preparation.  Phillipa devoted oceans of her time to the planning of her seminal work and each evening Stella stole the work from her brain.  She stole the ideas and more than that, she stole vital and pivotal phrases and she stole vocabulary that could be considered particular and she noted them and she wrote them and she glowed with satisfaction as the plan came together.

Stella’s professor wasn’t particularly surprised when the work for the end of term was handed in early, she had ever been a keen worker.  He was impressed, so very impressed.  Though Stella was a gifted student this work was outstanding.  My goodness yes, she had obviously worked very diligently.  He showed it to his colleagues and discussed it with his wife.  Wonderful work, an example of what can be achieved if only the students would apply themselves.  Never for one moment could anyone have imagined exactly what form the application had taken.


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