Stella – Chapter 14 – Gods and Guesses

Of course Ben was on a hiding to nothing. As soon as she gave him a sisterly hug of greeting at the door of their flat she saw that he was suspicious and that he was here to try to scupper her plans to be a teacher. He wasn’t altogether sure what all of her plans were and so the thoughts in his mind were a trifle muddled. One thing that was clear though was that he didn’t think she should be given charge of little children.

“What are you up to bitch” Was one thought that drove home very early closely followed by “I’m going to find out what you’re up to if it’s the last thing I do. You are not fit to teach little kids. God what does that idiot Steven see in you anyway, ugly cow” Oh my goodness Ben do be careful.

He tried to keep physical contact to a minimum, not because he had any idea just how dangerous it was but because the very touch of her hand turned his stomach. This was of course all to the good for his purposes and try as she might he dodged and he weaved and he claimed all manner of contagious ailments from colds to impetigo.

Stella for her part was intrigued and amused. Just what on earth was he after? She knew he hated her, she didn’t care but she did want to know just what this new-found contact was all about. Mother and Father were just happy that their off spring seemed to be getting together more and Steven well let’s face it he is turning out to be a bit of a sap isn’t he.

The Gods etc. were a little worried. While they had first toyed and played with Stella it had been fun. After all they had originally been trying to make up for their lack of consideration when handing out charm and beauty and for some reason missing her off the lists for both. When she had bullied her brother they had known in their Goddy sort of way that he would be okay and really as far as Phillipa was concerned well she was a bit of a scrubber and it didn’t do her any harm to learn a harsh lesson did it?

That wasn’t strictly true though, it had done her a deal of harm and she never really recovered from the shame and the anger at being so badly treated and wrongly accused. She had seethed and she had fumed and she had generally decided that if it took her till the end of time she would find out what had happened. These thoughts were evil in nature and so the Gods had ignored them, they left all that sort of stuff to other entities, fools that they were. It’s no good hiding from unsavoury truths not even if you’re a deity but of course you can’t tell them anything can you.

So there we have it a bit of a stew all in all. A worried and suspicious brother, a furious ex student, a soppy boyfriend and there in the middle of it all Stella, our little star with all the turmoil swirling around standing sure and proud in her little universe.



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2 responses to “Stella – Chapter 14 – Gods and Guesses

  1. I like the muddle here. All manner of things can happen. The gods a suspect.


  2. Oh yes, I think the deities must take some of the blame. What a tangle – heigh ho let’s see how it goes!


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