Short changed on stars

The annual comet shower

We sat out in the woods on our garden loungers, a glass each of a very lovely single malt and we waited for the shooting stars. The moon was full, amazing, huge, silver and glorious but of course that meant that the stars were not as bright as they could have been. Nothing daunted we sat for a couple of hours listening to the wild things in the woods and fields around us and laughing as the trees threw acorns around.

We saw the space station sail over and as it caught the final rays of the setting sun it gleamed with a brilliant silver light, amazing and awe-inspiring. We saw some comets, about five altogether, not nearly as many as we did last time but at the end of the day it was a little space doing something different and pleasurable and enjoying the peace and beauty all around us. So maybe we were short-changed on shooting stars but we had life and it’s wonder in great big bucketloads.

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Daisy and the Dust Angel

Daisy and the Dust Angel


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