Frog blog

Okay I admit that I think that these little guys are absolutely gorgeous.  We have lots of them and they are like little toy frogs.  The are coloured between bright startling green and a greeny brown.  Occasionally they do get in the door frame and will get squashed and that is always very sad.  We try to remember and to check but there y’go doesn’t always work.

This one however, I found him this morning when I was cleaning the bathroom.  He was hiding behind the shampoo – What’s that all about?? Hmm perhaps he wanted to make sure his hair was okay just in case of kissage later.  As far as we know though we don’t have any real princesses in the area just now.  Ah well I guess a frog can’t be too careful and you wouldn’t want to transform with lank locks now would you.

Froggy on the window

A Frog - A Prince - who knows

Froggy from the bathroom

Well bye then, next time you want a shower please feel free!!



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2 responses to “Frog blog

  1. Ian

    ‘What a cute frog’

    There you go


  2. A little beauty. Your creatures sure know they are welcome.


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