The Visitor – Chapter 3

“That’s terrible, Fi. You poor thing. What did the police say?”

“Well they didn’t even come, you know how it is.  They gave me a crime number and suggested I get a better lock on the back gate.”


“Well, it is only a few plants and a barbecue I suppose.”

“Yeah but they broke into your space didn’t they.  Whoever it was, they invaded your home and so on.”

“Well, I know Sharon but anyway I’ve got some new pots, metal ones and the plants were rescuable.  I bought a different Barbecue as well.  You know cast iron can be a bit brittle.  Still if you’d seen the legs, they were so twisted.  The worst thing is I can’t understand why anyone would do it.  I don’t even know anyone around there yet so I don’t see how I could have offended anyone.  It must just be wanton destruction I suppose.  That’s a bit worrying isn’t it?  The area’s supposed to be safe.  That’s why I chose to go there.  Well, no point in brooding about it.  I’ll put it down to experience and step right over it.  I have to go and get the booze tomorrow morning and then you’re coming over early to help me with the grub.”

“Yeah, you’re not worried are you? You know, put off the house or anything by what’s happened?”

“No, no, course not.  Thing is though, I didn’t mention it before but there was a man on the lounger the other morning.  When I got up, just sitting there.  By the time I got outside he’d gone.  I did wonder you know if there’s a nutter or something like that.  You know somebody who didn’t want the houses built that sort of thing.  What do you reckon?”

“Have you talked to anybody else, like asked your neighbours if they’ve had any trouble?”

“D’you know what I haven’t.  Next door both sides are coming to the house-warming, if I get the chance I might bring it up.”

“Anyway, time to get back to the grind.  See you later love.”

“Yeah.  Later.”


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One response to “The Visitor – Chapter 3

  1. You’ve done it again, hooked this reader to the mystery 🙂
    I look forward to the next instalment.


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