Temporary repair

Well now, the deal is that if France Telecom don’t repair the line within 48 hours of them receiving the report of failure then they have to start paying compensation.  Guess what – today about 47 hours after we reported the cable down they have made a temporary repair – 🙂  We know it is only temporary because it actually involves string!  I kid you not.  Anyway the main thing is that for the moment we are connected to the outside world and so I can catch up and post the next chapter.  Who knows how long this will last.



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2 responses to “Temporary repair

  1. Last winter part of our road had a week’s power-cut. Initial withdrawal symptoms, didn’t know where to put myself, until I relaxed into reading, sorting papers, etc. … Shocking, really, how much we are reliant on our communication networks and virtual spaces, they have become extensions of us.
    Re: The cables. Strings? I hope it’s safe.


  2. I am trying not to think too deeply about the string and safety angle. We have often had problems here because of the location (back of beyond) and I had become used to struggling. At the beginning of the year we arranged a new provider and all was wonderful. The blow was so much bigger now than it would have been and glowering in the wings is the knowledge that it will have to go off again for the proper repair. I love my computer and my life is very very tied into the internet, you are absolutely correct it is an extension of me. I can’t actually decide whether that is good, bad or really doesn’t matter much.


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