9/11 In Memoriam

For the heroes, the helpless, the victims of fate

For the dead both the young and the old,

For the innocent slain by an action of hate

Wrought by hearts unforgiving and cold,

For the land of the free and the home of the brave

For the mountains, the sea and the plane

For the miracles worked and those no-one could save

For the heartache, the fear and the pain.

For the years in between, when the world carried on

Changed forever by that dreadful day,

For the ones that have lived and for those that are gone

In their memory now we must say,

It will never make sense to hearts that still ache

And the loss will be felt evermore,

But in honour of those whom that day chose to take

This must be what their dying was for.

To live in a world that is honest and just

And to speak what is deep in your heart,

To try and forgive but to fight when you must

And to finish whatever you start.

To be sovereign and free and to live without fear,

To strive and to laugh and to love.

To believe without guilt what e’er is held dear

To chase what it is you dream of.

These are the promises made in the past

The truths a free world must believe,

And to hold our heads high when we come to the last

This the world that we must achieve.

© Diane Dickson 2011

a little reminder about the shortbread competitions




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