Our holiday on the Atlantic Coast of France

We have now returned to reality.  Now, I do know that our reality is lovely based as we are in the middle of a forest and surrounded with the magic of the wild things but the Ocean was wonderful.

Normally for a short break we would go to Pyla and a favourite site there which has amazing views of the bay around Arcachon which can be breathtaking especially at sunset.  This time though we felt the pull of the Ocean and decided to head to the other side of the bay onto the Cap Ferrat side.

We headed in the general direction of the Cap but we knew that there were few sites there and so kept a look out along the way.  After driving through Andernos Les Baines we had a walk around a couple of holiday parks but they were the huge sites with several swimming pools, chalets, restaurants etc.  They are super for people wanting the Centre Parks type of holiday and ideal for families with children but they didn’t have a view of the ocean and we knew that we wouldn’t use half of the facilities.

We kept on and spotted a sign to Le Truc Vert and underneath that the legend Ocean Atlantic.  We drove through the trees and there was our perfect site.  It was big enough to have a restaurant and bar, a little supermarket and lovely clean well maintained bathroom facilities.  It doesn’t have a swimming pool but what it does have three hundred metres through the pine woods is the full glory of the Atlantic and miles and miles of sandy beaches.

The Atlantic in this part of the world doesn’t make it easy there is always a price to pay for the pleasure and this time it was a decent slog through soft sand amongst the pines.  The roar of the waves calls you on and as you reach the top of the dune and think that you have arrived there is just a tantalising glimpse of the water in the distance.  Another short trudge and there it is.  The glorious, glorious Atlantic Ocean.  The great waves roaring and rumbling and then there is the sizzle and hiss as the breakers hurl themselves across the sand.  Unbeatable.  It is close enough to the site for the sound to lull you to sleep amongst the trees.  The beach is fantastic for kite flying, sand castle building and so on and the waves are perfect for surfing.  At this time of the year the weekdays were quiet but the weekends are still busy.

Andernos Les Baines is a lovely little town geared for holidays.  There is a sea front and pier with coffee shops and restaurants in a spacious square overlooking the inlet.  There are good holiday type shops and a market on Fridays.  Monday is closing day.

If like us you can’t manage a three or four course French style lunch in the middle of the day there is a lovely little restaurant tucked away down an alley off the main road.  Le Petite Assiette serves delicious food in smaller quantities, it is a tiny little place and the owners do the cooking and serving.  We had Buvette of Beef and Saute Potatoes and it was absolutely delicious and followed by a tiny little vanilla custard all of which left us satisfied but not feeling stuffed.

We went for two or three days and have dragged ourselves home today after a week – I don’t think I need to say more than that.  Photographs will follow when I have had a chance to do some editing.



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2 responses to “Our holiday on the Atlantic Coast of France

  1. Ashen (Pia)

    What a wonderful time. It always pays off to search a little off the track. I’m looking forward to your pictures. I did some pics at the Atlantic coast in Morocco three years ago, you can see them here:


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