The Dress – A story of romance with a touch of magic

Warning – This is a very girly story, it has a wedding, a wedding dress, flowers and a touch of magic, be warned – No zombies, no monsters and no guns.  

I have now entered this story in the Shortbread Storied Inspirational Moments Competition  there are some other great stories on there as always.



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2 responses to “The Dress – A story of romance with a touch of magic

  1. Evocative, and symbolic, the power of the dress, making her overcome her doubt. And so romantic, huh.
    Only one little thought … bed with a dark wooden frame … suggests oak. And later you mention a pine dresser and bed, which doesn’t quite chime.

    I’m reminded of my wedding dress, made of raw silk in one of the many small designer shops in Amsterdam’s Jourdan. I may put a picture on my blog at some point.


  2. Thank you for the comment. At first I thought this was all just too twee and soppy but after I read it a few times it grew on me. The dark wooden bedframe was in the reflected room in the mirror which was “another time, another place” I may have to look at that if it isn’t clear – thanks. Would love to see a picture of your wedding dress it sounds like a dream, do you still have it?


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