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A few people have suggested that the serial about Hannah and Amy, entitled “Following” has the potential to be continued.  At first I didn’t see how that could be but having given it some thought I think that maybe I’ll give it a go.

I will post the last chapter here but if anyone is interested the whole of the serial is still on the blog or can be read on Authonomy where I have posted it for comment


“Stay with me Amy, look at me.”  Hannah’s voice is in my ears but she is distant and insubstantial I try to concentrate.  I gaze at her lovely face muddied now and with tears and rain streaming across her cheeks.  I try to squeeze her hand but I have no strength.  I don’t feel much at all it is pleasant like a warm bath, floating at ease.

“Who are you Humming Bird, what is this?”  She leans closer in the gloom.  The other figures loiter on the periphery of our world mumbling and shuffling.  “What has this been, has it not been real at all?”

“Amy, don’t worry about all that now.  Tell me Amy where is Maria, where is her body?”

“Her body?”  Darkness descends momentarily showing me peace but I am dragged back.  Hannah is shaking me.

“Amy, don’t you do that, stay with me now.  Tell me where she is Amy.  It’s all you can do now to put this right.”

“Is that all there is for you Hannah all you care about is Maria, what about me don’t I matter.  Has our friendship meant nothing?”

“I’m sorry, I was doing my job that’s all, let me finish it Amy, tell me where she is.”

“Your job! that is what this has been to you just a job?”

“No never just a job, I believe in justice Amy.  So much of my life has been taken up with you and what you did.  Months of planning and preparing.”

“Watching me, baiting your trap and pulling me in.  How clever you must have felt, you and your compatriots.  How you must have laughed at me.” I feel wetness on my cheeks now as useless tears trickle across to run under my ears and seep into the earth on the forest floor.

“Amy, don’t you see we needed to find her, needed her body. People can’t just disappear, Maria was missed.  The ones who loved her missed her and those same people need to have closure, tell me now where she is and do the right thing.  We can take care of you Amy, the ambulance is coming for you.  Help me now, let me take Maria back to her family and then we can finish this.”

“I loved her, I did and I loved you Hannah did you know that I loved you.”

“I know you loved her and I don’t think you meant to hurt her and so this is a chance to put it right.  Come on Amy if you loved her let us take her away from this dark place.”

I can see her face ruined by the night and the passion and I hear the noise of the ambulance screaming through the storm.  I am betrayed and my heart is shredded.  There was no truth to our friendship, never any hope for love to grow and this beautiful creature was no more than a filthy sham.  There is nothing to hold me here and I feel my spirit called away and I find no reason to fight .  I will take one last look and scorch the image of her face on my retina.  I will close my eyes now it is too hard to hold them open.  I hear her still screeching at me like a harridan “Stay with me Amy, don’t you do this, Stay with me.”

Ah Hannah my pretty Humming Bird how can I stay with you when you never really existed at all.  The darkness deepens now and I shan’t fight it any more.  Here is Maria.  She is here in the woods and she beckons.




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2 responses to “Following Following

  1. I remember this nail-biting story, and anticipate more hooking chapters. I meant to say, personally I got used to your comma-less style, given that they are often overindulged in. But a thrilling story like this could do with a few more pauses for the out breath. Huh 🙂


    • You are of course absolutely correct. Commas – bane of my life. I put em in, I take em out – in out shake it all about. Sheesh. The only thing is that at times it forces me to write shorter sentences and I do believe that they are stronger. Thanks anyway for your interest and your comments which are always very valuable. I don’t know how it’s going to go but we shall see — Watch this space. :-


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