Waiting for the Muse again

So here we are again – awaiting inspiration.  the sun has shone and we have had a lovely walk in the woods and discussed mushrooms with our very knowledgeable neighbour.  Thank heavens really as we had carefully dried some that we picked and now find that erm actually “No don’t eat those.”  Oops.

The woods are really lovely just now, denuded and dark to be sure but that means that it is easier to spot tracks of deer and boar and so on.  There are shoots peeping through all around that should’t be and even flowers on a couple of quince bushes which is very odd indeed but then again  ours is not to reason why.  I am sure that Mother Nature is very clear about what she wants.

The bulbs are showing in the flower beds and providing the local deer don’t decide that, actually daffodil buds are nearly as nice as roses, we should have a nice display in a few weeks.

I am hoping that The Muse will pop in very soon but in the meantime there is still time to vote in the Inspirational Moments competition on Shortbread.


Deer in the garden

Wild Deer grazing at the edge of our woods


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