Still waiting

Well apart from a short piece about butterflies for the Shortbread Stories site I am still waiting for inspiration.  The thought of butterflies and the sunshine brought thoughts of spring and the garden.  I trolled through some of the old pictures and they certainly brightened the morning so I thought I would put a few up and hope that it could do the same for you.


Quince - one of the first flowers to open and showing buds already this year.


Caterpillar Train - often happens in May and June and is a weird and wonderful thing to see.


There they are again, they certainly like close contact these little guys!!


and back to the winter but there are still lovely things to see.



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3 responses to “Still waiting

  1. Oh wow! I have never seen Caterpillars make a train like that before! That is so freaky and amazing. Makes you wonder what it’s about, why they do it. Awesome pics thanks Diane 🙂


  2. Glad you liked the pics. That is a very weird thing that the caterpillars do and I can’t imagine the reason unless it’s so that they look like a snake and so the birds won’t try and eat them but that’s just a wild guess. They seem to appoint a leader and he takes them off but it is very puzzling


  3. The quince reminds me of my late mother’s favourite plant. She had many in her home and was quite the gardener. The caterpillars are a little freaky. We have those canker worms, as we call them, that devastate the trees here every spring. Seeing them in trains like that, and around the leaf, makes me think of piranhas – the way the eat in droves like that! The yellow flowers are pretty, even with the ice around them. It makes me a little sad, though. I doubt we’ll see any green, here, before April. (sigh!)


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