I hope there’ll be feedback

Well for the moment the free download offers on my two children’s books – 3 Things That Might Have Happened and Stephen – Initiation are finished.  It was great fun watching the books rise through the rankings and thinking that someone somewhere was reading the work.  I will certainly do it again.

I am waiting and wondering now.  I really do hope that there will be feedback and especially I hope that there will be feedback from young readers as I truly would like to know what they thought of my efforts.

I am working on Following just now.  I am adding the second part to the version that I have up on Authonomy and will see how it goes.

I have been unable to start a new serial and wonder if the Muse was telling me to get on and sort Following first.  Well there we are that is well under control now so fingers crossed I will have an idea very soon. Click on the link if you would like to read the version I have been working on.

My temporary cover on Authonomy.


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