Hunkered Down

It’s beautiful here, really gorgeous.  The snow hasn’t melted it’s frozen over the last few days and now the garden is covered with a carpet of twinkling diamonds.  There are animal tracks around, I went up into the woods yesterday and spotted deer, wild boar, hare, fox and of course cat.

We can’t get out.  Our drive is about eighty metres with a fairish slope at the bottom there is no way  our car would get down or up safely.  My husband went for a walk to the “main” road and watched an intrepid local giving a go.  He couldn’t make it and so here we are snowed in or maybe more correctly iced in, the shops are six kilometres away, not possible to walk in these conditions.  Yesterday the mayor rang all his citizens to check if they had bread, water, milk.  Amazing to think that this is South West France not Canada or Scandinavia.  Of course nobody has snow chains and such like – why would we?  We are enjoying the novelty I have to admit.  My only worry is that we are short of bird food.  I am cutting up the fat balls and making crumbs and that is keeping them going for now.

The sun is shining and I’m sure that, barring more snow we’ll be back to normal soon.  For the time being we’ll keep warm and enjoy the scenery.

Me - hatted, booted, warm enough and loving it.

Our house on the hill


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One response to “Hunkered Down

  1. Exciting. Enjoy.
    Last February we had masses of similar beautiful snow. I was stranded for 10 days and quite liked the tranquillity.
    In Surrey at the moment my garden has snow frozen hard, but the roads cleared during three warmer days.


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