Competition – Crime short story

One thing I have done in the last few days is my entry for this fascinating competition being run jointly by Shortbread and the Dundee University Million for a Morgue appeal.

I submitted my entry yesterday so it’s fingers crossed now for at least the short list




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4 responses to “Competition – Crime short story

  1. Good luck with the competition. Is there any way we can read your entry? I went to the Shortbread site, but couldn’t find a link to read any of the stories. (Maybe it’s just my ‘old eyes’ that couldn’t spot it. lol)


  2. yes you’ll be able to read the stories after the closing date for submissions, I’ll post a link, I don’t know how many entries there will be but I should think that there should be some good reading and if you’re a shortbread member you can vote.

    Mind you if you’re a shortbread member you can enter also. 🙂


  3. Richard Lambert

    Best of luck in the competition Diane, Looking forward to the story but I do hope there is no sinister connection to the morgue if you win, such as a free upholstered drawer all to yourself.


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