Is it Spring!!

The birds think it’s spring, some of the trees are convinced and certainly there are a bunch of midges who are in no doubt at all.  The wall lizards have thawed and are already skittering hither and yon and the squirrel is haring around the woods with bubbles in his blood.  We had breakfast outside so maybe – hard to believe that less than three weeks ago we were snowed in, quite literally unable to go to town.

Anyway, the garden is calling gently, the Muse is still musing and so I will pop this on the page today and wish everyone clear skies and birdsong.

Snowdrops, winter or spring?

Dawnlight early beaming

Birdlets cheeping, peeping

Berries, cherries greening

Roses flaming gold.


Solstice half year ending

Swallows looping, bending

Promised beauty now unfold

Websilk spinning, humming, singing

Earthheart overflowing with the living of it all.


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Filed under Poetry, thought for the day (or the week or maybe even the year)

One response to “Is it Spring!!

  1. Makes me feel a little jealous as we still have two-foot snowdrifts in our front yard from the latest storm on Friday. Enjoy your spring delights! 🙂 I’ll have to wait a few weeks for ours. (sigh!)


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