Amazon Reviews

Hello.  I have been really pleased because Who Follows is actually selling on Amazon.  Not a huge  number but enough so that I have, for the first time in my life earned royalties YAY.  So thank you so much if you downloaded it during the free offer or have actually paid out the spondulix and bought it.  I have a couple of reviews on Amazon, one from a friend and one from a true, honest to goodness reader, both are good so thank you again.

If you have read it, and have anything at all to say, I hope it’s good but accept that maybe it could be less than 5 star but whatever, could you do a couple of words of reviews, click the like button if appropriate and tick the tags. I would be really grateful – the US link – the UK Link

I have been very busy writing for Shortbread and have some stories in the competitions over there and some just for reading and I am waiting and waiting for The Muse, I really want to get to my next blog serial.

Oh yes one last thing, I am nearly ready to e-publish Afterwards which I am going to re-title A Place of Resonance, I will make it free for the first few days so watch this space 🙂






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3 responses to “Amazon Reviews

  1. I left a short review on both the USA and UK amazon sites. I counteracted the 5 star reviews somewhat with 3 stars because 5 star reviews (only) don’t give you work integrity on amazon. My reviews are however positive. And I added two tags – ongoing suspense and obsession for what it’s worth. Ongoing success to you 🙂


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