L’Aigrette now published on Kindle

Great excitement today – I have now published L’Aigrette on Kindle, it was formally known as Afterwards but it has had a wash and brush up since it was on here as a serial.

The cover is temporary until lovely Angela has chance to do me a proper one but anyway it’s up there.

I am quite pleased with the final version.  It’s very different from Who Follows but I have had some good feedback from the people who have been kind enough to have a look at it for me.

Jenny has had enough, her husband has left her for a newer model. She's falling into a life she doesn't want. She runs, of course she does.
A little house by the sea, a foreign country and time to get her head together. Then she meets her landlord. As her feelings for him develop she closes her eyes to the mystery. Is she being naive, foolish even or is he just what he seems to be, a kind and caring listener. Can Jenny learn to trust again and is that wise.



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4 responses to “L’Aigrette now published on Kindle

  1. Congratulations! 🙂 The story sounds intriguing!


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