The Flat Share – Chapter 21

“Phew, that’s better.  God a morgue, just imagine, you couldn’t tell though.  It just looked like a big room with sinks and stuff.  It was big yeah but I just thought it was a kitchen, well maybe a lab with those funny taps.  ‘Course I didn’t hang around did I, just dumped the boxes.– eurgh.

“Oh, where’s the copper gone?”

“He’s gone off to speak to some of the others in his team he said.  I told him all about it Joanie, everything that we’d done, well that I’d done really I suppose.  I told him that you’d only got involved trying to help me and that it wasn’t really anything to do with you.

“He said that in spite of everything he believed me, his exact words were “”Nobody could make this up so it must be true””  Anyway, he said that now that we’ve taken the boxes back to the hospital it’s screwed up most of their work because if they’re still in the hospital there hasn’t been a crime as such.  They know that Samantha is fiddling the books though and so that’s probably the only thing that they can get her with.  He said that, as the boxes are still there she’ll be able to claim it’s a mistake.  They’ll be able to investigate past orders and stuff though and he says that he hopes that eventually they’ll make some sort of case but as all the other drugs have already been sold it’s not as good as it should have been.  He said that his cover was blown anyway now because they couldn’t bring the stuff back here and so they’ve had to impound it, so they only have paper-trail evidence.  They had been planning to catch her actually handling the stuff and now, well now they can’t.”

“I told him that we were really sorry and that if we could do anything to help then we would.  He said that he thought we’d done quite enough.  I don’t think he meant it in a good way.”

“No, probably not.  Mind you looking on the bright side, I guess that means that it’s all over doesn’t it?  I mean he knows about the bra, he wasn’t that bothered, he knows that we didn’t do anything else illegal and so that’s about it really.  Hey, it’s over Charlie, don’t you see?  Now that they know everything, even if Samantha comes back she’s got no hold over you.  Mind you I don’t think we’ll see her again do you, not now?”

“No, I expect not, he said that they would probably cut their losses and start the inquiry tomorrow so that’s that.”

“Blimey, it’s been different I’ll say that.  Hey come on smile, it’s all over.”

“It is isn’t it?”

“Yeah.  Tomorrow I’ll talk to that girl at work and see if she’d like to come and share with you, if you still want me to.  She’s lovely and I’ve known her for ages.”

“Great, yeah, please.  Joanie, you really are the best friend anybody could have you know.  I’m sorry I put you through all of that, I really am.”

“Oh, go on what’re friends for eh?  Hey, I just thought of something.”


“There’s a bottle of champagne in the fridge isn’t there?”

“Erm, yeah I think so.  It’s Samantha’s though.”

“Oh bloody hell Charlie go and get the buggering thing out, this calls for a celebration.”

“You know Joanie, you really should stop swearing.”



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4 responses to “The Flat Share – Chapter 21

  1. Glad everything worked out for those two . . . or has it? 🙂


    • Well – right at this moment I think so, but did you notice, something stopped me putting The End – hmmmm I have to admit they were great fun to play with.


  2. The Jo-Cha-lie’s were a hilarious pair. You must feel deprived. Time to invent some more dotty ladies?


    • right from the time that she manifested in a panic outside M & S with the stolen bra Charlie was great fun. Yes I do feel a little sad at their loss. I have been travelling for the last couple of days but now it’s time to get back to it. hmmmmm wonder what’ll be next 🙂


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