road trip

We’ve been making the journey from our place in France to the flat in UK.  We know that we can do it in one day, we have on occasion had to do that, sharing the driving, taking minimal stops and eating on the hoof.  Now, though we wouldn’t ever chose to do that again, we now have a convenient airport and can fly if it is so urgent for us to get here.

We like to take three days, well it’s really two days travelling spread over three.  We have a VW Multivan Beach.  It isn’t a full-blown Camper but it does have a bed and we have customised it to suit what we need.   It can carry bulky loads, building material and so on at the house but then it is brilliant for when we are camping at the coast.  It provides a wonderfully cosy bed and with the new awning it makes our canvas holidays even more of a delight.

When we are doing the trip though it is perfect for picnicking and again the cosy sleeping arrangements are priceless.  I am hopeless at sleeping in strange beds, hotels are never a pleasure for me as it takes two or three nights before I’m able to have any true rest but with our Truck I am in my own bed and sleep like a squirrel in the winter.

We take our time, we have leisurely stops for meals and usually have the second evening overlooking the harbour in Boulogne where we can watch the starlings doing that wonderful pre roost dance and laugh at the gulls fighting over the droppings round the fish market.

We tuck ourselves away amongst the trucks in the motorway parks for the night and providing there are no refrigerated lorries burbling through the quiet we have no problem at all, except forcing ourselves out from under the duvet when the rain is lashing against the side of the vehicle and inside is warm and comforting.

There are always things to see of course, birds of prey hunting along the verges, horses etc grazing not far away and if we are lucky the occasional deer or two scampering through the fields.  This time though I saw something I have never seen before, Swans sitting on their nests.  I was thrilled.  The first sighting was of a pair who were in an irrigation pond and I was over the moon, the male was sailing majestically over the water along with a little flotilla of mallards and his lady wife was egg minding in their home on the banks.  I felt so pleased as it was such an unusual thing for me to have seen.  That was yesterday and I couldn’t believe it when I spotted another pair, this time on a little ornamental pond under a motorway junction.

We are now back in the flat overlooking the canal and the ducks here are busy doing what ducks do at this time of the year and so it continues.  Brilliant.

Home from Home - Our truck



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3 responses to “road trip

  1. Your van looks very comfortable. Years ago I drove the good old smaller version of VW vans everywhere. They were easy to drive. Sadly they’re antics now and cost a fortune.


    • Ah yes, we had an old VW Kamper for over twenty years, she was called Diedri. We had to sell her because she started to need a lot of maintenance and although that is a great pleasure of my husband’s the life we were living hat time needed a reliable vehicle. I bet (hope) she’s still going strong. She was in lovely condition and the people that bought her were going to use her for their honeymoon so that was nice 🙂


  2. Sounds like you had a lovely leisurely journey! The camper does look cosy! 🙂


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