Poetry Month

I have been enjoying this month so much, the web is awash with poetry and I have been particularly pleased to have hits on here on my poetry page.  While I wait for another dotty woman to come along or indeed anyone else the Muse decides to give me I thought I would post a poem or two.  One that has been viewed over and over is the Poppy for Remembrance and so I will pop that on here.  My first thought was that it belongs in November but of course Remembrance is not about one day is it.

A Poppy for remembrance

A million nodding poppies
Beneath the setting sun
The guns have fallen silent
We count the battle won
And in the furrowed landscape
Beneath a broken sky
We think of fallen comrades
And whisper a goodbye

Another foreign conflict
Another war-torn land
And there beside the poppies
There is heat and blowing sand
The petals are still falling
Each one a hero’s name
And though the war is different
The pain in still the same
Field of Poppies

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One response to “Poetry Month

  1. Very touching. I have two nephews in the military, as well as my husband’s cousin and children of friends, so there’s always a worry that they might be called to duty in a dangerous place. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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