Wedding Day Poem

When my children were married they both paid me the huge compliment of asking me to write and read a poem during the ceremony.

My daughter and son-in-law both changed their names at the time of their marriage and so this gave an added dimension to the piece that I wrote for their special day.

A special kind of magic

A husband and a wife,

A hand to hold, an arm to fold

Support throughout a life.

A never ending symbol

Of lovers and of friends,

A golden band on either hand

A circle without end.

An end to being only

A partner through the years.

To take your side, to help and guide

And share in all your fears.

A name to wear together

To make the world aware

Of lives combined, of hearts entwined

Of two become a pair



My son and his bride had a wonderful traditional English Wedding with champagne on the Church Green and a horse drawn carriage to the reception but I wanted to acknowledge that the most important thing was the commitment they were making to each other.


Children of the Spirit

Locked in Love

Soul to soul connecting



Hearts now come together

one to one

Live enthralled in union



Taking roads together

hand in hand

Strong in one another



Living for each other

each to each

Always and forever



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One response to “Wedding Day Poem

  1. Very sweet! How nice to be able to write & read this at your daughter’s wedding! I probably would have convulsed into a torrent of tears and not been able to speak a single word! 🙂


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