Boast Post

I was recently incredibly honoured to be voted Shortbreader of the Year by the wonderful people at the Shortbreadstories site.  As regular visitors will already know I absolutely love the site and so the award was a delight.

We were in France when the trophy arrived and I have avoided making a fuss because it seemed immodest but I looked at it today sitting on my writing desk, so cute and lovely and I thought well, nobody will mind if I give it a bit of a show offy moment so here it is My first and only writing award:

Shortbreader of the Year Award. - Isn't it lovely



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6 responses to “Boast Post

  1. Wow! That’s quite an honour! You should feel proud to show it off a little! Congratulations! 🙂


    • Aw shucks, I was thrilled of course and I was sent the most amazing hamper of Shortbread and some books and one of my short stories will be made into an audio story The nicest thing though was the whole weekend of good wishes that I had, every time I logged on there were lovely comments – it was all very special to me.


  2. Congratulations, Diane. This looks dignified, a great honour to your inspired skill of storytelling. Will you do the voice for the audio recording?


    • Thank you. No, the site have a stable of wonderful readers, they already have quite a lot of audio stories and they are free to listen to, great for in the car as a change from listening to music.


  3. Jaen Wirefly

    That’s amazing! Congrats;)


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