The End of Days

Sorry about this one, it’s a bit apocalyptic.  If  the darling muse doesn’t bring me a dotty old woman or a naughty teen or something soon I really will be reduced to erm well,

There once was a lady named Sin

Who liked to dance and drink gin…..


No stop me, okay… serious now…


The End of Days


For many years we closed our eyes,

denied the truth, the fears, the lies.

It’ll never happen you can bet

this present government won’t let

us all be finished.  It’s their job

to keep us safe and not to rob

our children of their future lives

and us of all we worked for.

But that was then and this is now

it’s come and we can all see how

they let us down, it’s them to blame

why, they should hang their heads in shame.

And they should pay the piper.

They told us not to fear the worst

They said the planet was not cursed

and spinning out of time.

But here we face the end of days

The final gasp of the human race

The reckoning, The judgement

Are you ready.



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