Bully’s New Jumper

Well, he looked lovely at Christmas but look at him now.  All sparkly and patriotic!!

British Bully in Birmingham



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2 responses to “Bully’s New Jumper

  1. Very lovely bull, all patriotic. Is he painted or is that cloth around him?

    His coat reminds me of the characters that appeared a few years ago in a fundraising awareness campaign for CancerCare Manitoba, the mascot of which is a bear. Many large concrete polar bears were painted with a plethora of designs and set up on a major road downtown. The display was called ‘Bears on Broadway’. If you Google that title it will bring you to a website that has a gallery of all the bears. The pictures really don’t do them justice, because when you get right up beside one, you feel very small. They have since been dispersed to various sites around the city, having been bought up by corporations to decorate their entranceways.

    Thanks for sharing ‘Bully’. 🙂


    • He is a wonderful bronze in the centre of Birmingham and that is his current garment – Christmas saw him in a woolly jumper – there is a picture on my site. What I find most amusing is the furious look on his face, that particular Union Flags suit had sparkles sown into it and yet he was still looking angry – it makes me laugh. In Liverpool they had super lamb bananas which were banana shaped lamb sculptures and they have now been spread around the district. Anything that’ll make people smile is great as far as I’m concerned.


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