I’m very busy at the moment editing two novellas and trying to find inspiration for a short story competition.  That’s along with all the other stuff, writing related and life related, which don’t always make happy bedfellows.  That said it may be a day or two before I have room in my poor addled brain for another serial but I hope it won’t be long. Looking forward to the excitement of starting a new project is part of the joy of this thing.

So, what’s that got to do with the weather.  Well I love weather, any and all, warm sun, hot sunshine, rain, hail, snow – whatever.  Although to be fair I do like to feel warm these days as my poor old joints rebel against the cold and damp much more than they used to.

We are based in South West France, lovely long balmy summers, not all that conducive to the writing life really but hey look what we got today.

Flash flooding on the patio

So there we are, apparently it’s all because of the Jet Stream, well I haven’t seen the jet but we certainly had the stream today!!

On the positive side we had thunder, lightning and a rainbow and in this house any and all of those are the reason/excuse to open a bottle of  fizzy white 🙂


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  1. Something similar happened about a week ago. The main street near us filled right up – probably due to clogged sewer drains. The city workers were out soon afterwards, trying to dig out the gunk. The weather has been a bit ‘off’ lately. It’s not at all as I remember it growing up.


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