Who Follows Now in Paperback

Because it is my best-selling novel – that’s the book that’s selling the best not the “Best Selling Novel”  tee hee, anyway I decided to go ahead and publish a hard copy.  Now that Createspace are in Europe I have used them and as from today it is available by following this link. https://www.createspace.com/3937781

It will be on Amazon in the next few days and orderable from your local book store.  Go on you know you want to !!!!!




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3 responses to “Who Follows Now in Paperback

  1. Will they ship overseas or can I get my local bookstore with an in-store publishing machine to print it here?


    • I know they ship overseas, I don’t know about the in-store publishing thingy – that sounds very 21st century!! how cool. It will be on Amazon in a few days and presumably they’ll send it pretty well anywhere. I know Lulu shipped one to an orphanage in Africa for me once, (Daisy and the Dust Angel not Who Follows) so I guess they will, don’t know about shipping costs though.


      • The in-store publishing thingy is rather cool. I watched it in action. Imagine, a book printed and bound right before your eyes! (The machine has a glass front so you can see the whole process). I will check into the shipping. Thanks for the info. 🙂


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