Hiatus for visiting children

I haven’t got to the blog for the last couple of days because we have had a lovely visit from Family.  Our son, his wife, their two boys and the au pair arrived on Wednesday and our quiet little place became a hive of activity, buzzing with fun and laughter.  We loved it and, as is often the case having visitors encouraged us to do things that we normally don’t get around to.

The little boys are now good swimmers and fearless and so we took them to the river in Mussidan where they did Zorbing and Stand Up canoeing.  It has been very hot and so being down by the water was great.


Charlie Zorbing on L’Isle


Oliie on his stand up canoe


Whenever we have visitors in the summer we do a lot of barbecuing, and Ian has built a new fire pit which had its first real test, it performed beautifully and also gave us great photo ops.


Glowing Grandsons


a happy memory

Well I have over fifty emails to answer and a wonderful surprise was that while I was away playing happy families a piece of mine was chosen as the Friday Story on Shortbread so all together what a lovely week I’ve had.




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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! Oh, and congratulations on your story! 🙂


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