A Play wot I wrote


This is complicated stuff.

I downloaded the template – actually I screwed that up at the start but got it sorted in the end.  Now I’m copying  and pasting the text bit by bit.  The template is great, it inserts the names of your main characters automatically, the beginning and end of Acts and action or stage direction.  I have to say though this is quite tricky doing it this way.

I should think that doing it straight in might be easier and it has whetted my appetite to have another go when I’ve got this one finished.

I just love it though when you struggle with something and it all comes together, it reassures you that there is no need ever to stop learning.  Mind it’s more tiring when your brain is like a piece of pumice stone rather than a lovely soft sponge.!!!!

Right back to the grind.





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One response to “A Play wot I wrote

  1. I have tried writing a few screen plays in the past – without a template – and yes, it is rather complicated. Good luck! 🙂


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