I’m an Advert

Imagine my surprise.  I opened my emails this morning and there was the usual advert from Amazon – but – my book was part of the advertised list.

I chose to believe that it wasn’t deliberately aimed at me, for heaven’s sake they know I’m not going to buy it (well I already have of course) and so I wonder how many people saw lovely Ragsy in their inbox this morning 🙂  – Grinning from ear to ear – that’s me not Rags !!! Rags wouldn’t grin – he may smirk knowingly!!

Buy now on amazon



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3 responses to “I’m an Advert

  1. Jaen Wirefly

    Wow! Congrats! Did it increase your sales?


    • Well it hasn’t yet but I’ll keep an eye on it for sure- actually it won’t matter if it doesn’t because the buzz I got from seeing it was enough to make me grin anyway!!!!


  2. How cool! Hope it helps your sales! 🙂


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