A Dark and Stormy Night

It was a dark and stormy night. Well dark yeah ‘course it was dark but it was stormy as well. It had been building up all day, clouds billowing and rolling and the blue just being gobbled up, so by the time the sun started sliding into the ocean you could just tell that before long all hell was going to break loose.

I hung around for a while, had a glass of wine and read one of the poetry books, It’s what I do when there’s a storm, I light candles, drink wine and read poetry. Occasionally I drink brandy. Anyway, I hung on and hung on and I could hear the rumbling in the distance. I went out onto the patio and the sky was slashed by lightning, over and over and there was the roiling, boiling, roaring but it still wasn’t near enough to be satisfactory and so in the end my eyes wouldn’t let me stay up any longer and I turned in.

I guess it was about four o clock when the racket woke me, the shutters were thundering against the windows and I could hear the trees creaking and groaning, the branches were scraping on the walls, finger nails on chalk boards. Great I thought, it’s here.

I crept along the passage, didn’t want to put the lights on because now the silver streaks were slashing and rending the darkness and the furniture was leaping into being and then scuttling back into the shadows. Brilliant.

I pushed open the double doors onto the balcony, no good just listening, you have to feel it, become one with it. I walked out and the wind ripped my hair, grabbed and thumped at my arms and coerced tears from my eyes.

That was when I saw it, him, it.

Down on the beach, the waves were crashing and rolling, white and black unfurling and cascading and tormenting the beach, and there in the middle of it all, down in the darkness riding the tempest it was – well, oh I don’t know what it was. Was it a man, at first I thought it couldn’t be, but if not what other being would have skin to glow like that, hair to stream like that in the gusts and arms to be thrown wide in ecstatic exhilaration, but how could just a man, a human stand that force and live. As the crashing waters covered him I screamed, I heard it, my scream, felt it leaving my throat, and then as they receded to regroup for the next assault I saw him still standing, proud and undaunted in his naked wonderfulness.

I watched mesmerised, captivated by the sheer arrogance and the battle between man and that incredible force of nature. I have no idea what it was about but eventually, he simply turned walked out of the waves and climbed back up the drenched sand. Thing is though, I can’t rest now, I search along the beach, in the dunes, in the dark, with the dawn and in the glare of midday, I must find him, it. I saw his footprints in the morning, further up where the tide hadn’t reached, just deeps in the looser sand leading off into the dunes.

I’m totally possessed by the need to find him, nothing else is worth breathing for. I know I am slowly losing my mind, I do know, but I can’t do any other. I must find him.



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3 responses to “A Dark and Stormy Night

  1. A naked man on a beach battling the elements, huh. What’s going on?


  2. Nothing wrong with a little daydream! 🙂


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