For Sale – Baby Dragon

A bit of silliness.

Dragon For Sale. 

Okay the thing that you have to understand about dragons is that you can’t trust ‘em. My dragon’s called Clive. I didn’t name him by the way, the dragon master names ‘em when they hatch so he’s Clive. Whenever the dragon master comes round to check on him he’s all sweet and cute, tiny little sparkles through his nostrils and his tail neatly wrapped round his toes. Ten minutes later he’s scorched all the clothes on the line and he’s destroying Mum’s roses playing tailball with his mates.

The other day I came home from a sleepover at my friend Dustin’s. I like going to Dustin’s because his mum is a brilliant cook and his dad is a mountain Dwarf.

There are always tons of great things to eat and then his dad takes us out and plays belly cave, where we get to hide in the folds in his belly or thumb bungy where he ties us to his thumb with a bungy cord and we bounce up and down like mad. Much more fun than a trampoline but don’t tell any of the mum’s ‘cos were not supposed to play that during term time in case we break something and miss lessons.

Anyway as I was saying I came home and Dad had already taken Clive for his hover but he never ever will clean out the stable for me. Can’t say I blame him, well have you ever smelled dragon poo, So, I went in there with the barrow and the spade and got stuck in shovelling all the well – you know what and giving him fresh water and straw and boulders. You have to give ‘em boulders to grind their teeth otherwise they get too long. It’s great though because they don’t swallow it and after a couple of minutes chewing it’s small enough to sell as gravel for drives and patios, win win situation really.

I was putting the tools away when I saw it. At first I thought it was just a piece of boulder that he’d missed and I gave it a kick. Yeah that was smart wasn’t it kicking a boulder. Well I never said I was any sort of a genius but even I admit it was a bit dim. Thing was though it wasn’t a boulder and where I kicked it dented. I scrabbled into the corner and dragged it out and as soon as I got it into the light and saw the rainbow sparkles I knew. Blinking Clive had nicked an egg from the dragon masters truck. Little blighter just can’t help himself. It’s the sparkly bits that get him.

I pushed it under the straw in the corner, got to keep em warm. So thing is does anybody want one, a dragon that is. It’ll be hatching in about a week and I’ve got to find it a home by then. There’ll be murder if me mum finds out. So anybody want one send me an email. I’ll pay the postage.


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One response to “For Sale – Baby Dragon

  1. Very cute! 🙂

    Right now, the live show, ‘How To Train Your Dragon’, is in town. Maybe your character could come by and get a few lessons! lol


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