Today in the dampness

These were nice bright carpeted areas.  The worst thing is the awful smell though and the thought that these drying machines have been going non-stop now for five days and they are plugged into the mains not working from a generator and so who knows what the electric bill is going to be.











A huffin puffin dryin' dragon

A huffin puffin dryin’ dragon. High water mark is just visible above where the skirting boards used to be


Not such a nice welcome but at least we never lost power except when it had to be turned off and the lift has been working most of the time.  Small mercies but bright spots none the less.

Not such a nice welcome but at least we never lost power except when it had to be turned off and the lift has been working most of the time. Small mercies but bright spots none the less.










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7 responses to “Today in the dampness

  1. Jaen Wirefly

    You must be going insane.


    • sick husband, stinky apartment block and now it looks as though the insurance company are trying to squirm out of their obligation because the management company were negligent. So the costs of the clean up will come back on us even though we pay thousands per year in service charges – Hey why should I be going insane !!! although I have booked a nervous breakdown for the third week in December and I’m looking forward to it. Actually it all fades into insignificance beside my hubby’s health issues so I suppose that is keeping it all in proportion. Gotta keep grinning insanely and today we went to Stratford upon Avon to commune with the Bard so there is always something wonderful in life no matter how dark it may seem at times. Taking my grandsons swimming tonight – hey I’m in clover !!!! thanks for your concern though – hugs x


  2. Jaen Wirefly

    Insurance companies try to pay as little as possible but maybe you’ll get them to do the right thing. I do hope your husband gets better. Is he getting good health care?

    I’ve been to Stratford upon Avon – I try to make my home look like Anne Hathaway’s cottage.


    • Thank you for that good wish. Yes, he has been receiving excellent health care, for all its faults the National Health service is second to none in an emergency and when it was found that he was really quite ill the reaction was very good indeed. The main worry is that the cause of his illness is unclear and so although he is now feeling much better on his treatment we are still worried about underlying causes. Anyway, we have an appointment on Friday to have a long chat with the GP so maybe she can allay some of our concerns, I hope so. We have been married a long time and something like this makes you realise that lives become totally entwined if you are lucky, we have our ups and downs but all in all we’re good together and we’d like to carry on a bit longer please :-)))


    • Would you be interested in being in a Blog tour, you just need to answer some questions about your Work In Progress and then link to some other writer’s sites. I should have asked you before now but – well you know what’s been happening. It’s find if you don’t feel that it’s something you want to do.


      • Jaen Wirefly

        Not right now but hugs for the offer. My emotions need to calm down a bit for me to really focus on the book. I saw on Authonmy Jobo is doing all sorts of stuff and Becca’s book is getting translated into german. Nice!


  3. I fully understand, thanks for getting back to me, Yes all sorts of stuff going on on Autho – as always a deal of madness as well 🙂


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