Interview with The Verse Artiste

First of all a sincere apology to Lilian Kendrick. Sorry Lilian, after you so very kindly agreed to the interview I let you down. Real life interfered and I am a day late in posting this.

Anyway, Lilian, is a great on-line friend, the writer of poetry, novels and short stories, an editor, a teacher and the commanding officer of Flash Fiction Friday which is a little weekly competition that she runs on the Authonomy Site. It’s a lovely thread, friendly, supportive, often very amusing, sometimes very moving and in Lilian’s hands great fun to be a part of.
Her current work “Unspoken” is a lovely modern tale of self discovery and ahem passion!!
She has just had a collection of short stories published A Flash in the Pan and her poetry is a delight. Thanks so much for agreeing to the interview Lilian, good luck with the books and thanks for being such a wonderful on-line friend.

Pop over and have a look at her site.  the Verse Artiste 


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