Marks and Spencers – Flower delivery service – hopeless

I wouldn’t normally do this but I am angry and sad and disappointed.  I have just now posted this on the Marks and Spencers Facebook Page.  What a disgrace they are.


Disappointment at Christmas.  In the summer Marks and Spencers failed to deliver a gift of champagne and chocolate to my daughter.  Anyone can have a bad day (or week) and so I consigned the sad event to the past.  My parents were celebrating their sixty sixth wedding anniversary on December 21st and I couldn’t be with them and so ordered flowers.  In spite of them having my mobile number and having delivered to the address many times before they let me down yet again.  How perfectly dreadful.  They have taken my money, oh yes, that’s gone but my parents didn’t get their flowers and now the occasion has past and the disappointment is searing.  What do you say M and S – how much Magic and Sparkle is there in this performance.



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6 responses to “Marks and Spencers – Flower delivery service – hopeless

  1. How sad. Maybe check out this setup – have had only positive experiences:

    Wishing you and yours a peaceful Christmas-time.


  2. Flowers by post tremendous service over 30 years using them


  3. What a shame! I hope they give you some recompense for their negligence.


    • Thank you for all your lovely comments. I have to say that M & S have not impressed me. For the mess up with my order for my daughters anniversary they simply sent the order late (with my agreement but with no apology to either myself or Angela and Paul) then for my mum and dad’s flowers I demanded my money back which I got but they didn’t have much choice as they had broken their contract with me by not delivering on the agreed date and I did ask for an apology to my mum and dad and to date they have not done that and I don’t think they will now. They did have the cheek to send me an email saying they hoped I would continue to use their service – I told them I would not as they had let me down twice and I no longer had any confidence in them. It is so very annoying because the flowers and gifts are lovely but not when they have spent two days in the back of a truck in the middle of winter. I am still cross as you can probably tell. 🙂


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