A copy of my Good Reads review for a James Patterson novel.

Merry Christmas Alex Cross

I have read Alex Cross books before and enjoyed them. The characters are endearing and the detective himself a classic sort of hero. This story was gripping with a satisfying ending. There was a suitable amount of blood and gore and a couple of incident which asked serious questions. (trying to not make this into a spoiler. All in all I enjoyed it.)

However  in support of self pubbed and indie published authors such as myself I thought I would make a comment.  There  was a formatting issue with the Kindle version.  Numerous chapters had the name Fowler in the first line and in nearly every case the initial letter was lower case. I don’t know what had caused this but assume that it is simply in the electronic version, if that is not the case then the problem is rather more serious and the publishers need to address their proof reading/line editing service.  It is a small thing but if, with all the power of a big publishing house behind him, this author’s work exhibits glitches such as this then perhaps it highlights just how difficult it is and perhaps overly critical readers should be a little kinder to those people struggling to get their work read on a minimal or in some cases non existent budget.  This repeated error did become annoying and though it would be unfair to say it spoilt the book I do think that Mr Patterson may well want to take up the issue of proof reading with his epublishers.


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