Hey I won!!

I put a little story in for the Shortbread Stories Valentine’s competition and for some reason didn’t get the email that would have told me that I won!!  How lovely though to have notes of congratulations as the notification.  

The Hunter 

Bobby is hiding in the bushes, he knows he shouldn’t. He is breathless with nerves, he’s never done this on his own before. His palms are sweating and his knees jiggle up and down like mice in a sports sock. If he is seen it’ll all be over for him, the older boys, the almost men, will laugh at him, ridicule him, why does he think he can do this? him, the little squirt.

Maybe he should change his mind, go home, he can put this off now, it’s too dangerous, the risk is enormous.

Tears of nervousness start to his eyes and his belly rumbles with fear. Why, why is he doing this? With his luck he can bet that it’s all going to go horribly wrong.

What time is it? he tries to judge but the sky is overcast, silver grey clouds hiding the sun and denying him any guidance. Now he can hear someone coming. His throat dries and his fingers pluck at his cuffs.

He picks up his weapon, carefully. It’s nearly time. His throat is clogged with a great lump, he swallows and draws in a shuddering breath. Between the twigs and leaves he can see figures now coming towards him, is it time? Yes, it’s time. He steels himself, draws his knees up and tenses his feet ready to pounce. The quarry is nearer, he can see her, the group splits the way he knew it would, now the bulk of the herd heading down the wider path leaving just one female, this is the one he wants. Now, now, he takes a breath, grabs his weapon and leaps from his hiding place.

She startles, leaps back with a shrill cry, “Shit Bobby what the hell are you doing?”

“I got this for you, it’s flowers, happy Valentine’s Day.” He runs, legs pumping, glancing back once, twice, Lydia stands open-mouthed on the path staring after him clutching the bunch of wilting roses. As he takes the corner and almost slips on the wet grass she raises a hand, waves and blows a kiss.

Bobby is in heaven.



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3 responses to “Hey I won!!

  1. Congratulations on winning! 🙂

    Cute Valentine’s Day story! 🙂


    • Thank you so much and good grief thank you for all the reading and commenting on The Grave. I am still working on it but think it might be getting there. I have another blood guts and gore chapter to write and what is awful is that I’m actually looking forward to it. – Is that awful of me? 🙂


  2. Jaen Wirefly

    Congrats Diane!!!


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