FFF to include the words Happy, Smiles, Chocolate, Pie and Holidays

Just now, right now at this moment Selina felt happy.  The sun was high in the sky, she could feel it smoothing and caressing her body, warming and gentling her muscles and causing her skin to glow with gold.  The tiny bikini bottom covered a triangle of hair at the front and nothing at the back.  Her arse cheeks, smooth and muscled by long hours in the gym drew many admiring glances.  She felt the men slow as they passed, knew that they were casting roving eyes over her slim body taking in the curve of her waist and the smoothness of her back and shoulders.

In a few minutes she would turn over, she would wait until she knew there was a collection of them, towels thrown down nonchalantly but conveniently nearby, just on the off chance. She could hear the voices, low and urgent, male voices growling just beyond her hearing.  Soon she would roll over.

This was the first holiday since it had happened, since she had lost weight and sculpted this new body.  This was the first holiday that she had felt beautiful.  It had been difficult, torture really, eschewing the chocolate, the lemon pie, the chips, even now she found it hard to leave the chips but she had done it.  She had turned a great white whale into a gorgeous mermaid, through sheer will power and tenacity had shed sixteen stone and found the beautiful woman that had been hiding inside all along.

Any minute now she would turn over, soon, soon.  She could have worn a one piece of course she could, she knew that even in one of those or a tankini she would still have looked stunning but once she had made the decision, to be what she was, to be herself and to be proud then there was no other option but to go topless.  Here she was, on the crowded beach, full sun, a gathering crowd of males around her and so soon, she would roll in the sand and lay on her back.  In a moment  of indecision and weakness her eyes filled with tears, could she, could she really do it.  Her mum had begged her not to. Don’t do that to yourself, why do you want to do that, haven’t you been through enough but she had a statement to make, for the others.

It was nearly time and so she squeezed her lids tightly together and screwed up her courage.  This was for all the others, the young ones and the middle aged one, the older ones all the brave, beautiful courageous women that she had met in the unit, this was for them, the ones who had made it and the ones who hadn’t now it was time.

She rolled onto her front and sat up, she pushed her sunglasses up onto the top of her head and looked at them, all the boys and the men who had thrown down their towels, on the off chance.  She watched them, saw the smiles fade as they looked away, or didn’t look away but stared in fascination and she threw back her head and she let them look, she let them see the scars.  She hoped that maybe one of them would get it, that just one of them would understand, there is more to a woman than tits and when you lose sixteen stone only to find that the fat on your body had been hiding a cruel disease and then you fight it and win that really truly there is more to a woman than breasts.





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3 responses to “FFF to include the words Happy, Smiles, Chocolate, Pie and Holidays

  1. Like that you have got the name Selina in


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