After all that fun with covers and bearing in mind that I acknowledged recently that the one for Smithy was very poor I have had a go at changing that one.  I am really pleased with this.  The background is a photograph that I took of a tree trunk.  I am so chuffed with this that I am uploading it even as we speak.

New cover for Smithy

New cover for Smithy



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7 responses to “Smithy

  1. That’s very interesting tree bark! If your story is about a blacksmith, I do have a photo of one that I took at Lower Fort Garry you could use as a cover photo. If ‘Smithy’ is just the character’s name, forget I said anything. 🙂


    • he he no not a blacksmith but thank’s so much for the offer. I like the fact that the bark looks like camouflage as the main character (Smithy) is not what he seems and there is a strong country and nature element to the story. I think it would be great if we could share images as it would get us around any copyrite issues and with us all snapping away continually I bet we could cover most things.


      • Not a bad idea! I’ll bet we could collaborate. If you ever see a photo on my site that you’d like to borrow (I have been trying to use only those images that I have taken myself), please let me know. Since I don’t do photography for a living, I have no problem with sharing them. 🙂


      • Oh! And if you have specific types of photos in mind for a cover, let me know as well. I don’t post all my photos and may have one that will work for you. 🙂


      • Same here _ I have a fair collection of beach/seaside ones and lots of trees and flowers and stuff. I even have a pretty cool one of a teeny little snake!


  2. If you wanted to get the camouflage effect as well as tree bark, you’ve succeeded—I thought it had a distinct military feel. You might want to change the colourof the font though, it doesn’t look finished to me. How about a deep green?


    • I’ll try a coloured font, but I did like the simple feel of the white one. I agree that bark is obviously where the pattern for camouflage comes from. It is appropriate for the story I think as Smithy is not what he seems but is hiding in plain sight. I’ll try a coloured font though and pop it up here. thanks so much for taking the time to give me feedback.


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