Thank you so much

cover 7 for awfo

Okay – enough fiddling this is what I’m going with – although, actually, as it happens and erm – I’ve decided to change the title !

At the moment the front-runner is “Fiona’s Home”.

The funniest thing is that when I dragged this out from the archives I didn’t rate it that much but thought I’d give it a go as I have been so very blocked lately.  As time has gone on I have become more and more enthusiastic and am actually (and this is weird) enjoying doing the re-writes – and there are many.  I am actually at the stage where I am waking in the night with ideas SO finger’s crossed that this may go somewhere.

Any suggestions for a title would be gratefully received.  Though I don’t particularly want to put the plot up at the moment.  I will say that Fiona has worked in the Middle East in order to achieve some of her life goals.  Now she is home and has bought her dream house.

Everything seems fine except there are incidents of vandalism and there is an intruder.  Her nerves are shattered when she starts to find a dead rose on her table in the mornings.  There are things in her past that are so dreadful she can’t even bear to think about them and the tension begins to tear her apart. Sharon is her best friend and ultimately confidant.  The history is dreadful and gruesome.  erm I think that’s all I’ll say for now except that if you can be bothered the story is still on this blog as a serial in the back issues.  However, it is changing even as we speak.



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4 responses to “Thank you so much

  1. Might give problems with spacing. Just to say, I like ‘The Visitor,’ especially since you added the shadow. Best luck.


  2. While I do agree that spacing might be difficult if you changed the title, from what you’ve told us, here, perhaps ‘The Visitor’ might be a better title than ‘Fiona’s Home’. ‘The Visitor’ presents more mystery. 🙂


    • okay that’s two comments now suggesting that I leave it, hmm perhaps that would be best – for now at least – thanks for the feedback I really do appreciate it


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