More of our summer

A few more little piccies of what was happening in real life while I was trying to stop Ewan making a prat of himself and failing.

Table for seven please - we'll be down in a minute.

Table for seven please – we’ll be down in a minute.




We had the duck and Isle Flottante


The rooftops of St Emillion


Cooling off in the municipal well




More wine



This must be very valuable it’s behind bars, then again it just might like to party!!


Each barrel costs between five hundred and six hundred Euros and is used three times and then sold off for fifty euros to smaller chateaux.







When you are the Moon

Not much star gazing because of this beauty who watched us every night.



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2 responses to “More of our summer

  1. Lovely photos. I love the colour of the restricted wine area. 🙂


    • it was lovely there, free entry and so much wine, I guess millions of bottles and hundreds of barrels. The ones behind the railings apparently are the private collection of the vineyard owners and have some from every year. We have been to St Emillion several times but sometimes it is really great to go with visitors because you become a tourist with them and see it all through different eyes.


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