Child Bride

Off on the holliers tomorrow with my hubby of well, lots of years.  In spite of many ups and downs we’re still mates and still looking forward to going camping together.  When we got married I was nineteen and there were one or two who said it wouldn’t last well nay nyah nay nyah yah – actually its too late they’re mostly dead.  Heigh Ho

They said it wouldn’t last, that we’d soon flounder,

That we were young and silly and naïve.

That I was just a child and you a bounder,

Or at least just looking for a way to leave

Your father’s house and have your own dominion

And someone there to wash and cook and clean.

They said that soon we’d see our stupid folly,

That one of us would make the break and run.

Once the daily grind replaced the romance

With dirty socks and shirts instead of fun…

A half a century past and so much laughter

And tears and grief and worry by the load

But hand in hand and now it seems much faster

We make our way together on life’s road.

The battles that we’ve fought have made us stronger

and though the boy I met has long since gone

I think that we can last a whole lot longer

And show them all that actually they were wrong.



Filed under Poetry, thought for the day (or the week or maybe even the year)

2 responses to “Child Bride

  1. Lovely. He, he …
    … him being there for me
    a rock to lean when it storms
    allows me my dark fantasies …


  2. Congratulations on proving everyone wrong! 🙂

    It’s always nice to discover folks who have found their soul mates and have worked hard through the years to keep them. So many young people seem to take the song seriously: “We’re here for a good time, not a long time…” Old-fashioned values are quickly disappearing.

    Your poem reminds me of our Best Man & his wife, who married a year before Hubby & I met. Hubby was also Best Man at their wedding and told me how so many people said theirs wouldn’t last, but they are still together, too. 🙂


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