The Egret – Still Free

I had this lovely review from Vanity Case books on The Egret – thought I’d repost it

The Plot…

Jenny is recently divorced, living back with her Mother and escapes to France. There, she finds peace living by the coast and becomes intrigued by a local, Claude, the owner of her holiday home. It is a book about finding yourself again as a single woman.

My verdict…

This is a short read; it only took me a couple of hours. It is beautifully written with vivid description. I can imagine reading this on a terrace in rural France with a glass of vin rouge in my hand. If I had to sum the story up in one word it would be ‘gentle’. It flowed well, but at times I yearned for more intrigue to keep me reading . It seemed chapters often ended with Jenny ‘drifting gently into sleep’. Claude is the perfect man, French, says little and listens well and it is lovely to see how Jenny slowly finds inner peace after her conversations with him. It is a book with the setting clearly entwined with Jenny’s emotions. The occasional scenes with her widowed Mother bring a dose of reality to the story. Their relationship is well described, and I imagine many mothers and daughters will relate to it, especially when the role of the brother is brought into the equation – should the single daughter automatically become the carer/ companion of the ageing mother?
Who would enjoy this?

Anyone looking for a quick easy read, who loves France, or need a feel-good tale of finding inner peace after a break up. I think it would be appealing to a slightly older reader no longer interested in tales of broken heels and hangovers. Is on amazon for 98p, enough money to buy alongside a nice bottle of red too with change from a fiver- a lovely evening! Enjoy…the link is on the right.

by Jo

If you like Women’s Literature you should visit the site to see what’s new and good in this genre.


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