Hunkering Down

I love this time of the year.  It is hard to be saying goodbye to the long hot days but watching the trees putting on their ball gowns and seeing all the little critturs and creatures getting all fluffed up for bed is special.  Last night in the dark I could hear the wild boar in the garden eating fallen apples and this little guy keeps popping up at the bird table to share in the largesse.

Okay Autumn, come on then, I’m ready.

Om nom nom

Om nom nom



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5 responses to “Hunkering Down

  1. What a cute fellow, a red squirrel. So the greys haven’t completely taken over.


    • This is in France and as far as I know there are no grey squirrels around here so we have these little guys. In UK there are one or two enclaves where they are protected from their grey brothers one of which was quite near where we lived in Merseyside. I have time for both of course but the red ones are very much more delicate looking and the colour at this time of the year is beautiful isn’t it.


  2. There were always red squirrels around the cottage, so seeing this little fellow makes me quite nostalgic. There is the odd red squirrel in the city but the greys are starting to take over, here, I think. 🙂


    • We had two in the garden yesterday building dreys – I got nothing done I was so fascinated watching them. They are lovely aren’t they. But then so is the deer and the gorgeous hare and the golden oriel and the hoopoe and all the other little fluffies and featheries even the wild boar – though they are of course a bit scary as well. I just absolutely love it and I feel so very lucky to be able to watch them all. Where I was born we were lucky to see a sparrow or a pigeon!!!


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